Construction Claims, Delay Analysis & Claim Management Studio.

Claims are almost inevitable on a construction project and in times of recession, when margins are low, claims tend to proliferate.A successful claim leading to additional time or payment will often make the difference between success and failure in achieving the party’s commercial goals. From a contractor’s or sub-contractor’s point of view, in order for a claim to succeed and to be resolved in a timely manner, it is important that claims are presented in a professional way and that they include the essential elements to enable the reviewer to make a determination. It is, however, often the case that the parties do not have the specialist knowledge and expertise to produce robust claims successfully, or if they do, their resources are fully occupied with the day-to-day responsibilities on the project and do not have the time to devote to dealing with what may be time consuming and complex claim issues. The contractor or sub-contractor offten appoints a third party claim consultant generally at the end of the project. At this point claim experts have to dig out the history and try to complete the analysis and often they cannot not put the case properly due to lack of proper documentation, evidence or missing follow up on particular delay event. To avoid all this, instead of starting to work on the claims at the end of the project we look up the claims in the project as and when the delay events arise during the life cycle of the work. This the project manager to identify the potential delay events from the Client as well as any critical contractor activity driving the project completion. This practice also allows us to monitor the delays closely and enable to inform the project manager in case any potential delay is caused by the Contractor’s own activities in the schedule.

Claim Management Studio

We provide our clients with a unique the in-house developed web application CMS (Claim Management Studio). CMS helps the project in many ways.

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Planning and Reporting web application

We have Planning and Reporting web application for the projects. Almost all projects have a reporting period described in the contract.

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Cost Control and Cost Claims

Our cost consultants and commercial managers work with your team and our planning staff to ensure that the correct notifications.

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Development of Master Programme

Our planning consultants can develop master schedules with the conceptual planning and development of your program management systems.

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Project Planning and Projects Control

A range of integrated or stand-alone services, including baseline programme preparation, management, progress monitoring services.

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